Life with Pilates

Joseph Pilates once said to be in control of your body, not at it's mercy. This inspires us to aim to interconnect the body and mind to work together. As a modern method emerging in the 20th century, pilates focuses on balancing these aspects with its physical and respiratory excercises. The strenghthening, toning and stretching of your muscles and spine is no easy feat, but the practice of pilates makes it possible to achieve it.

Be it with machines, props, or even just a mat, there are sure to come some benefits from practicing pilates. This discipline is often used to treat and prevent existing ailments, as a form of rehabilitation and even to fix your posture. The effects that this discipline have on a person can help improve ones lifestyle.

For instance, by correcting your posture, it can help eliminate back pain and align your body. It facilitates movement and relaxation with its breathing practices as well. It also improves flexibility, join stiffness and the ability to lose weight. Carlos Fabián Avilá, medical surgeon, suggests we practice pilates every week, as it helps us stay in shape without injuring ourselves.

We invite you to join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30am and 5:30pm for your pilates class and don't miss the opportunity to build a better you.

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