How to live stress-free

"You can't control the wind but you can ajust your sails." - Kristen Proby. Stress is composed of negative energy that aims to amp up anxiety and tension. It can cause soreness in muscles and joints, and worsen heart, lung and skin conditions. It can affect your eating habits and weaken your immune system, as well. Stress can also elevate depression and psychological symptoms.

In order to live happily, we must get rid of all that stress. Some things we can do to achieve this are to stop overanalyzing and start thinking positively, stop taking on other people's problems, be present and focus on what you have. You should also try to follow a steady routine and take care of yourself, let go of the past, let go of grudges and start living your own life.

To start ridding yourself of stress, some things you could try are: yoga, meditation, massages, a good excercise routine, healthy eating habbits and esthetic treatments. These will benefit you in improving your productivity, maintain a healthier body overall, limit the chances of depression, improve your memory and maintain a healthy weight.

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